What Is a Non-Dod Contract

Why is this important? It allows the DoD to streamline (read: faster!) Procedures for awarding contracts to NDCs with the aim of promoting innovation and investment in the defence sector and incentivizing NDCs to do business with the DoD. A business entity that does not currently have a full contract or subcontract covered by the CAS or that has not had one year may be considered a non-traditional defence contractor (NDC). As defined in 10 U.S.C. §§ 2302 (10 U.S.C. Section 2302(9)), the term “non-traditional defence contractor” in relation to a contract or in connection with a transaction approved under section 2371(a) or 2371b of this Title, means an entity that does not currently provide a service and that has not executed the procurement or transaction at least one year before the Department of Defence obtains sources; Any contract or subcontract to the Department of Defense that is subject to full coverage under the cost accounting (CAS) standards required by Section 1502 of Title 41 and the regulations implementing that section. “Government Procurement Agreement” means an engagement or supply contract that, according to the Cost Accounting Standards, applies to negotiated contracts that do not meet any of the exceptions below. A negotiated contract is any contract awarded using tendering procedures other than sealed in accordance with Part 14 of the FAR. These include federal procurement schedule allocations (FAR Subpart 8.4), commercial procurement (FAR Part 12), Simplified Procurement Allocations (FAR Part 13) and perpetual supply contracts (FAR Subpart 16.5). “Supported public procurement” means the type of inter-institutional procurement by which procurement officers award a contract, contract or supply contract to an agency other than the DoD for the purchase of supplies or services on behalf of the DoD.

Your business qualifies as a non-traditional defence contractor if one of the following applies: Contracts covered by the SBT must comply with the CAS specified in FAR Part 9904. Case coverage may be as follows: A contract or subcontract covered by the SCA does not comply with any of the above exceptions and contains CAS clauses. CAS clauses are listed in Part 30.201-4 of the FAR. “Direct Acquisition” means the type of inter-agency contract whereby the Department of Defense orders a supply or service from a government-wide supply contract maintained by a non-Dodian agency. The DoD uses the terms “traditional” or “non-traditional” defense contractor (sometimes abbreviated NDC) to determine cost-sharing requirements for awarding contracts for other transactions. Non-traditional defense contractors are also used in the Federal Procurement Regulatory Supplement (DFARS) 212.102(a)(iii) to purchase commercial items. In this context, it allows Ministry of Defense contract agents to treat supplies and services purchased from NDCs as commercial items. ii) May be used as a contract under which goods or services are purchased for one or more other federal government departments or entities. A “traditional” defence contractor has contracts and/or subcontractors that are subject to cost accounting (CAS) standards. These are contracts covered by the CAS. Cas-guaranteed contracts are typically large multi-million or multi-billion dollar contracts for weapons systems, aircraft, ships, space systems, computer business systems, etc. Cost accounting (CAS) standards are federal accounting standards established by the Cost Accounting Standards Board (CASB).

They exist to ensure consistency in estimating, accumulating and reporting costs. CASs are listed in Chapter 99 of Title 48 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Parent topic: SUBSECTION 217.7 — INTER-AGENCY ACQUISITIONS: ACQUISITIONS BY NON-DEFENCE ORGANIZATIONS ON BEHALF OF THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE. .