Hi.  I’m Ron Hollingsworth. I hope you listened to my demos on this page  and will take a few more minutes to listen to some of my other demos on the next page. My greatest pleasure comes from providing the voice that helps make your project successful.

If you want to create an outstanding product for yourself or your client, then working with a skilled, experienced, professional voice-over talent is KEY to your success. I understand how important it is to express your message with clarity, passion and conviction.  If you want a voice talent who can get to the heart of your message and make people listen, I encourage you to contact me now.

I recognize that you have a budget, a client or manager, a deadline you needed to meet yesterday and maybe a couple of technical questions or creative ideas still being finalized.  Let me help you tailor the process in a way that works for you.  I don’t have a fixed rate card or single “cookie cutter” approach to the voice-over process, so we can concentrate on your needs and collaborate on a project you will be proud of.

Please listen to my other demos to get a sense of how my voice might fit with your project.  I will happily provide an audition using your script at no cost, and with no obligation on your part, to help you determine if my voice is a good fit.  I will also include a quote for my service to help you manage your budget.   I have a full professional home recording studio which enables me to send finished audio files quickly… sometimes within the hour.

Your project is important.  You want to work with an experienced, professional communicator who you can trust to deliver an exceptional performance both artistically and technically every single time… someone who understands the importance of deadlines and superior client relationships… and who makes your satisfaction their highest priority – all with a smile.  Let’s make something together that sounds great!

Voice Description

My voice has been described as rich, deep, resonant, warm, powerful and distinctive with a “basso profundo” vocal range. It has also been described as authoritative, believable, deep, inspirational, trustworthy, intellectual, approachable, conversational, friendly, genuine, calming and knowledgeable.

I have an accent free North American voice with a timbre similar to Sam Elliott, Morgan Freeman, Mike Rowe, James Earl Jones, Sean Connery, Wil Brimley, Don Lafontaine, Dennis Haysbert, Orson Welles, Liev Schreiber and Liam Neeson, among others. I can provide American southern and Texan accents, if your project requires an accent.

I can provide a variety of voice styles that would be excellent matches for business and technology companies and corporate web sites, as well as for elearning, explainer, medical and video narrations.

My deliveries range from quiet narratives to dynamic commercials and “Voice of God” styles.

On a good day, my bass range extends down to A, sometimes referred to as AO (27.5 Hz, the far left key on the piano). Some find that interesting, but frankly the low range is essentially worthless for anything other than portraying aliens in computer games.

I am comfortable portraying age ranges from mid-40s to seniors.

Home Studio Equipment and Capabilities

My studio has an isolated recording booth fully equipped with Auralex foam for sound absorption and noise reduction.
  • My studio noise floor meets professional recording studio standards.
  • Microphone
    • large diaphragm condenser type
    • polar pattern cardioid
    • sampling rate to 96kHz
    • 16/24 bit depth capability
    • 20 Hz – 20 kHz response
  • Sony PC with Reaper and Audacity editing software.
  • Yahama HS8 studio monitor.
  • Source Connect Capability.
  • Files delivered in MP3 & WAV.
  • Other formats upon request.
  • Delivery by email or your choice of other method.
  • Customized turnaround to meet your schedule.
About Me

I have over 18 years of voice-over experience in radio and television commercials, internet videos and telephone IVR, as well as business and industrial training videos and narrations.

I also have extensive experience in marketing and advertising for radio, print media and the internet.

My non-union rates are customized to meet your requirements and budget.

I am currently represented across the United States by three nationally recognized talent agencies: DDO Chicago, Lori Lins Ltd. and the Donna Baldwin Agency.  I am also represented regionally by a number of boutique talent agencies including Premier Talent, Boysen Talent and Warrior Voices.  In addition I work directly with a number of production companies.  However, if you prefer, you may contact me directly to discuss your project.  (I suggest you email me for our first contact because I won’t be able to take your call if I am in my studio.)

Voice-over Projects Provided

  • Radio and Television Commercials, Infomercials, Promos and PSAs
  • Documentary Narrations
  • Corporate/Industrial Training Videos & Presentations
  • Web Commercials/Product Videos
  • E-Learning and Explainer Videos/Podcasts
  • IVR & Telephone Messaging