What Is the Meaning of Non-Exclusive Contract

Here are some common contracts with non-exclusivity clauses: Ordering an agent on a non-exclusive or exclusive basis would not immediately reveal what rights and restrictions (if any) are imposed on the agent with respect to their ability to sell other products, as non-exclusive listing agreements also allow a seller to register a home with many agents, and they require the payment of a commission only to the agent who actually sells the house. The downside of non-exclusive listing agreements is that if agents aren`t guaranteed a commission, they can`t attempt to sell the property as aggressively (or not at all) as they would if they had an exclusive listing. Non-exclusive territory: the PRC. SweeGen hereby appoints Ingredion`s Chinese subsidiary, Ingredion China Limited, as the non-exclusive distributor of the Products in the PRC under the terms set forth in this Agreement. Ingredion China Limited hereby accepts such appointment and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. Except as provided in Article 14 of this Amendment, the Distributor`s distribution rights under the Agreement shall be converted into non-exclusive distribution rights from the date of entry into force of the Amendment and such non-exclusive rights shall in no way differ from common sense rights with respect to the Products, including, but not limited to, the right to market, Distribution to advertise and sell the Products directly and/or indirectly in the Territory. c.No minimum volume/no exclusivity. Amazon makes no representation regarding the extent of activity that Carrier can expect at any time under this Agreement, that a work order has been executed and delivered by Amazon and Carrier. Amazon may from time to time give the carrier the volume, density, weight, distribution of products or other projections, but these projections are only speculative and Amazon can in no way be held responsible.

Amazon may use the services of third parties who may provide the same or similar services provided by Carrier under this Agreement. This Agreement does not require Carrier to provide Services unless a work order is performed and delivered by Amazon and Carrier. The difference between the exclusive agreement and the non-exclusive agreement is how suppliers and partners work together. Exclusivity agreements exclude competitors for a certain period of time, while non-exclusive agreements allow competitors, often as motivational tools. A much less common form of license is a single license. This usually means that the license is exclusive, except that the licensor also reserves the full right to exploit the intellectual property itself. Licensor has no right to grant any further sublicenses. Although this is the generally understood meaning, it would be preferable for the parties to intend to explicitly state in the agreement the scope of the rights of each licensor and the licensee. The common meaning of these three forms of agency relationships is as follows: non-exclusive partnership agreements give non-exclusive parties the right to collaborate with others when needed. Non-exclusivity clauses, also known as non-exclusivity agreements, allow service suppliers or producers of goods to buy and sell services under a non-exclusive agreement. It is important to ensure that the clause contains non-exclusive contractual language. A non-exclusivity clause should not conflict with non-solicitation agreements.

It`s important to know the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive partnerships so you can choose the right deal for your business. In an exclusive registration agreement, the listing agent has most of the control over the real estate transaction. No matter who finds the right buyer, the listing agent earns a commission on the final price. In some cases, two agents are involved and they have the right to divide the commission. As a rule, the exclusive right is limited by the contractual conditions to a period of time during which an experienced agent can effectively market the house or condominium. If an offer or contract expires and the agent still hasn`t sold the house and the seller is not satisfied with the agent`s efforts, the seller can try to find another agent. (h) Lack of exclusivity. This Agreement is not exclusive and AssetMark may enter into contracts with other companies to provide services in connection with or under a Sow of Specification. The Consultant may enter into the Contract for the provision of Services to Third Parties only to the extent that this does not conflict with the provision of Services under this Agreement and the Statement of Work, including, but not limited to, Section 3(c) (Rights relating to the Results of Work) and Section 5 (Confidential Information and Intellectual Property), and cannot cause conflicts of interest. A license can also choose a balance between exclusive and non-exclusive. Such a license is sometimes referred to as a “co-exclusive” license and is a license in which the licensor grants a license to more than one licensee, but agrees to grant licenses only to a limited group of other licensees. The group of licensees can be identified by name, description (a licence is granted only to licensees who meet certain criteria) or simply by number (a limited number of licences are granted by the licensor).

A listing contract allows a real estate agent to sell a property and receive a commission when the sale is complete. The registration contract may be exclusive or non-exclusive. If it is exclusive, the real estate agent is entitled to a commission, regardless of who sells the house. If it is not exclusive, the real estate agent will only receive a commission if he sells the house. At Pulgini & Norton, our real estate lawyers can help Boston homeowners make decisions regarding exclusive and non-exclusive listing agreements and other matters related to real estate transactions. (d) No minimum/no exclusivity. Nothing in this Agreement in itself constitutes an obligation on the part of the Company to purchase services. Such an obligation arises only from a statement of work signed by the parties.

This Agreement is not exclusive and the Company may enter into contracts with other companies to provide services in connection with or under the terms of a Sow of Specifications. A. Appointment; No exclusivity. Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, Distributor hereby designates the non-exclusive Sub-Distributor of the Products only to Authorized Customers. The Sub-Distributor accepts the appointment as one of the non-exclusive sub-distributors of the Distributor`s products exclusively to authorized customers and agrees to purchase for resale. Under the conditions set forth herein, the products must be in the quantities required by the subcontractor to properly serve the market, which consists exclusively of authorized customers. .